Japanese Language classes

Japanese Language classes

Do you know what “Nihongo” means?

Then you can admit in our institute for Japanese language course and learn more about the Japanese language to explore more about Japan. We are ranked as a best institute in Kathmandu valley for our good delivery of language classes with a high success rate in JLPT and NAT-test. If you want to learn the Japanese language from best language institute then Yatra Institute Of Japanese Language located at Balaju Chowk is the right place for you.

This Japanese Language Regular Course I is the basic course for the beginner students who are totally unknown to the Japanese Language and Japanese custom, culture and society. This class includes 10 days of letter ( alphabetic ) writing class of HIRAGANA and KATAKANA, the basic Japanese characters. The course duration of this class is 150 hours in total of 6 months (students) course ( 6 days a week). Students will be able to speak basic Japanese language with the power of more than 1000 vocabulary from the book named Minna No Nihongo I - 25 lessons. Kanji, a Chinese  script is also introduced in the very short time and after the completion of this class students will be able to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N5 or F Level of J. Test, NAT-Test Level 5, Top-J Basic Level, in very high ranking. The target of this class is to introduce Japan and its society, culture, custom, and the trend of Japan through the very interactive language teaching methodology. We apply direct method of teaching Japanese language which is more effective than bilingual method that are mostly used in Nepal.

Our objective is to teach you how to be a fluent speaker, good writer and capable reader of Japanese in a fast and easy way as we know the value of time. Our instructors at Yatra Institute are certified experts in this area and will provide you with many helpful strategies to learn Japanese in an effective way. Classes at YATRA INSTITUTE OF JAPANESE LANGUAGE start with the basics and then moves towards intermediate, eventually leading you to advanced skills of communicating in Japanese.

Nowadays, the Japanese language is well popular due to the increasing number of people going to Japan. So learning Japanese is not only for the mandatory requirement, it is also important if you want to survive in Japan as you will have to communicate here. At YATRA INSTITUTE, we teach students using a more practical approach so that our students can easily melt in the culture of Japan.


Japanese Language Preparation

The main objective of this language course is to develop fluency among the students in the Japanese language. The language courses aims to :

  • Teach the students Japanese pronunciation.
  • Teach the students Japanese grammar.
  • Teach the students how to use the Japanese language.
  • Teach the students about Japanese culture.

Who Can Join the Japanese Language Course?

  • Job seekers who are seeking job opportunities in Japan.
  • Students applying for abroad studies in Japan.
  • Candidates willing to learn the Japanese language.
  • Candidates who are visiting Japan for travelling.

Why Japanese Language Course at Yatra Institute Of Japanese Language?

  • Certified teachers to teach you
  • Free study materials
  • The high success rate of past students
  • Free counseling
  • Training Nepal is listed as the top institute for language courses
  • Free Wi-Fi

Regular Class             

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End time

 6:00 am

 7:00  am

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Note: Management team is alaways there for help, to make a suitable class accordingly for you. 

Program Details:

Class Starting Date: Every 1st day of the Months

Students Seats: 6 seats upto 15 seats

Tuition Fee: 10,500 Nrs. per 4 months. (Students can make payments in TWO installment of 5000 Nrs. x 2)
Admission Fee 100 Nrs. 

Facilaity of Books, Exams And Listening for Regular course.

50% must be paid at the time of confirming the class.

Course Duration: 1 for 4 months (1 hrs a day x 6 days a week)   


Text Book:

Main Text Book :  - Minna no Nihongo I (upto 25 lessons)

                              - Minna no Nihongo 2 ( from 25 - 50 lessons)

                              - Basic Kanji 500 (for Kanji Class)

Output of the program:

1. Students will be able to communicate in simple Japanese Language in the level of the vocabulary and grammatical       power within Minna No Nihongo I (25 Lessons).
2. Students will be able to pass Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5 or J-NAT Test 5th level with higher marks.
3. Best Students will be able to get scholarship in Japan.