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Welcome to Yatra Institute of Japanese Language/ネパール/日本語学校ヤトラ

Our institution provides just the ideal environment for learning not only the Japanese language, but also all the additional information required about study in Japan. We emphasize on effective learning with a certain competitive edge by using standardized teaching techniques and quality professionals.

当日本語学校は、日本語だけでなく、日本での勉強に必要なすべての情報を学ぶための理想的な環境を提供しています。 標準化された教育技術とベテランの日本語教師により、一定の競争力を備えた効果的な学習に重点を置いています。


We can certainly assure you that great and exciting opportunities await you at our institution and We humbly urge you to be a part of our esteemed institution for your better career development and opportunities.

Japanese Language classes

Do you know what “Nihongo” means?

Then you can admit in our institute for Japanese language course…

Student Visa application process


Yatra provides visa application processes for the students as we mentioned earlier. We have…

Document Translation


We can translate Nepali languages related documents into Japanese, offering a wide range of services.

Cultural and student exchange program

Japanese Language

The Language classes in Yatra Institute not only aim to improve students’ all-round abilities in…

Nepali Language classes for foreigners

About Nepali Language and Classes

This institution provides language course for foreign visitors, volunteers and temporary residents.…

Test Preperation


NAT Class

The Japanese Language NAT-TEST is an examination that measures the…

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Published on: 10 Aug, 2021

Japanese Language Classes for October Intake Intake is running physically in our institute. This Japanese Language Regular Course I is the basic course for the beginner students who are totally unknown to the Japanese Language and Japanese custom, culture and society. This class includes 10 days of letter ( alphabetic…