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About Yatra Japan

Yatra Institute of Japanese language is a reputed and well-known educational consultancy and a language school based in Kathmandu that provides counseling for studying in Japan. It also provides the facilities of learning Japanese language. The company is registered under the existing laws of the Nepal government and it provides Japanese language trainings and also conducts student exchange programs between Nepal and Japan. We are undoubtedly a leading institution in Nepal that addresses the needs of those students who aspire to study in Japan for furthering their ambition of higher education in Japan.

A country that boasts of state-of-art technologies and other advancements, Japan is slowly gaining popularity for higher studies among the Nepalese students. Considering the needs of the students and in the view of facilitating their demands, we conduct several language training classes, university application processes, VISA documentation and other necessary consultancy activities so as to help the students who want to study in Japan.

Nepal-Japan relationship has lasted more than half a century and both the countries have played important roles in maintaining world peace and the strong brotherhood relationship between the people of the two countries still remains intact. Japan has continuously supported Nepal in various ways for the development of the Himalayan nation. As Japanese people also seem to love Nepal and their culture, we are also organizing various student exchange programs between these two countries so as to strengthen the ties between the two countries.

Language skill is very important for better communication and for gaining success in the education sector in a foreign land. If you have good knowledge and understanding of the Japanese language and their culture, it is easier for you to realize the dream of higher study in Japan. We welcome every one of you in our institution as we look forward to counsel your queries and confusion regarding higher study in Japan and help to realize your goal and dream.

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